Think your players need professional coaching. High School, College, or NFL players can learn Directly from Howard.




Individual instruction (no more than 4 players)
Group instruction (5-11 players)
Camp instruction (15-50 players



Daily drills that improve flexibility and balance specifically related to techniques
Mudd Method pass pro technique, play action technique and stunt pick up.
Run techniques: drive, reach, cutoff, zone combinations, double team, pull to trap or lead, angle block (block back/down block)


High School
Junior College
College Division III
College Division II
Division I


Your Place

Equipment and Facilities:

Facilities is paid for and arranged by you
No pads are necessary, only football shoes appropriate for the surface
Equipment: small blocking shield(s) and two man sled if possible but not absolutely imperative
Rabbit(s) to work against. This an athletic body (buddy) of similar size to hold the shield and work against
*You are responsible for facilities and equipment

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