QBs are suffering in the NFL. They’ll continue to deteriorate if nothing is done to get them protected better. For someone to say they’re going to change the offensive philosophy to run the ball more and therefore put the QB at less risk is pure garbage. At some point that team will end up with 3rd down and will be required to drop back and throw. It’s a hard job to have to pass block under those circumstances even if you practice how to pass pro.

There is only one situation where a team HAS to run and it’s in “4 minute” situations when you’re ahead and trying to burn time off the clock. On the other hand, you have to pass (therefore pass protect) to out score the other guy. The rules favor receivers and QB’s so there is more scoring and it’s been that way for some years. Scoring is what fans want the fan only likes the run for their Fantasy team. Scoring is why the NBA and colleges have a shot clock cuz the fans don’t want to see a 50-48 NBA game or a 20-18 NCAA game. I know one team who spends 70% of their individual time run blocking and little time pass protecting. Their QB and  his back up have been hurt often because they’re awful picking up the pass rush games and blitz. They stink and the OL coach just screams at his boys about poor pass pro but doesn’t spend any time working on it in practice.

There’s another problem that causes the QB jeopardy, the CBA. Players can’t be coached from their last game to almost June. You can’t gather up a few guys and go to some field and kick around like you can throwing, catching and covering. Pass protection is a refined skill. It takes a lot of practice to get it down and its perishable. If it’s not practiced regularly that skill will suffer. The OL is behind the 8 ball anyway because he’s usually not as gifted athletically as the pass rusher so technique discipline has to be the equalizer.

Those small body movements are challenging to keep sharp.For a player to think in the off season they can go to some guy who’s never coached before and think they can keep up with their game is wrong. Players and former players can’t coach themselves, effectively.
Overall, I see a significant decline in the quality of pass protection skills over the last few years. There’s an erosion of skill because of lack of available time on the field with coaches. I really don’t know how coaches find time to refine that skill. Before the CBA in Indianapolis JT (John Teerlinck) and I would be able to get between 50&80 one on one reps during Mini Camp and OTA’s without pads on. It wasn’t contact but “dancing in space”. When training camp started the players could focus on getting fired up for the long season grind.

Some of the guys in this article still get it done!!!!!!!


10-7-2012: Foxboro, MA: FIRST QUARTER.......Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning grimaces as he is sacked by Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich in the first quarter.The New England Patriots hosted the Denver Broncos in an NFL regular season game at Gillette Stadium. section: sports (Jim Davis/Globe Staff)

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